The Science and Art of Real-Time Continual Learning (RT/CL)

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AI2C Technologies AG

About us

AI2C Technologies AG is an ETH Zurich spin-off with offices in Switzerland, Israel and Greece. Our founding team is comprised of scientists, engineers and business innovators that have pioneered advancements in computational science, artificial intelligence, fluid mechanics, nanotechnology, and business innovation.

AI2C is a category-defining leader in ‘Computational Thinking’.

'Human Thinking' is characterized by the ability to make decisions in real-time and learn from mistakes. As a result, we are focused on developing breakthrough technologies in the area of real-time continual learning (RT/CL) and automatic model recalibration, which are essential components of ‘Computational Thinking’.

Our revolutionary products power 'Computational Thinking' machines that work alongside humans, empowering them in their decision-making processes across a variety of domains.

Using computing innovation, scientific principles, advanced mathematics, algorithms, and multidisciplinary knowledge, AI2C's mission is to advance humankind one step closer to artificial general intelligence (AGI).

We strive for excellence by inspiring creation and tackling challenges that shape the future.

Swiss Office

AI2C Technologies AG
Hammergut 6
6330 Cham, Zug, Switzerland

Israel Office

AI2C Technologies Israel LTD
Hi-Tech Park
13 Zarhin Street , Ra'anana, Israel